PI-PhotoFrame : Frame to stream photo


FeatureHow to?
Display photoRaspberry PI B+
Display date and timeCustom software
Photo play listCustom software
Manual/Random modeCustom software
Display infoCustom software
Stream from NASWifi dongle (Edimax)
Instant On/OffRead only file system
NavigateInput keyboard
Wide display22' PC monitor
Low power usagePresence sensor (HC-SR501)


The hardest part was probably the keyboard one. If I have to make another photo frame I would probably choose an already made keyboard (4x3 matrix button is very cheap).
Extracting the keyboard and soldering everything on a new hole plate was not an easy task.

Old phone
The old wire-phone which have been sacrified

All the parts together
First test with all parts together (1/2)

All the parts together
First test with all parts together (2/2)

Mounting in the case
Mounting everything in the box

End of mounting operation
End of mounting


The distribution used is Arch Linux. Good tiny distribution including :

The language for the custom software is Python, of course. The natural language for raspberry pi.
The custom software is based on the display.py (all in one file) which handles:
All these are handled by specific classes. So it should not be too hard to understand.

Download the config.json
Download the display.py

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